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What is YammyBonBon?

YammyBonBon is the creative brand of Q. Q. He, encompassing all of their independent artistic endeavors. Currently, this includes artwork, products featuring said artwork, and a small sticker business. 

In the future, they hope to expand into stationery products. 

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About Yammy

Q. Q. "Yammy" He is a traditional illustrator from rural Maine, now located in southern Maine.  Colored pencil is their specialty, even taking taking lessons from a local colored pencil artist for a brief time in elementary school. They also enjoy using watercolor, and are currently experimenting with digital painting. 

As a child, Q. loved to draw scenes depicting fairies, mermaids, and witches. Today, they mostly draw portraits consisting of vivid colors and unique designs. They love to create characters and outfits, making every subject completely pop.


Q. Q. He is a proud first generation Chinese American. They are also non-binary, and use he/they pronouns.   

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Thanks For Reaching Out!

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